Headache Relief and Causes: Spiritual Treatment for Headache

Do you seek relief from headache? I am not a doctor and don’t know much about the causes of headache, but I have never heard of any Christian saint, who reported suffering from headache or migraine. Consider the following.

Headache relief spiritually

The Causes of Primary and Secondary Headaches

First, let’s consider the causes of different types of headaches. The following two quotes about the causes of Primary and Secondary Headaches are from Mayo Clinic. It states that “a primary headache is caused by problems with or overactivity of pain-sensitive structures in your head.” Regarding the cause of the Secondary headache it states that “a secondary headache is a symptom of a disease that can activate the pain-sensitive nerves of the head.”

Notice the words “overactivity” and “activate” in both causes.

Spiritual Treatment for Headaches and Migraines

In “Laurus” of Eugene Vodolazkin, on the way to Jerusalem the caravan of Christian pilgrims is attacked by  criminals, who ask for money. The main hero of the book, later called Laurus, who has a saintly personality, tells the the leader of the criminals that he can relief his terrible headache by repenting and clearing of his thoughts. Laurus adds that the leader of the criminal has terrible headaches because his thoughts are vague, evil and negative.

Once a doctor told me that most of his patients could get well very soon if they abandoned their negative thoughts and egocentric desires. He said he wishes he had a special spiritual adviser on staff to help him to address these issues with his patients.

When you read the lives of the saints you will see that many of them lived with different types of illnesses, but I have never read anyone reporting headaches. Even Apostle Paul had a “painful physical ailment.” “Three times I prayed to the Lord about this and asked him to take it away,” he writes. But the Lord’s answer was: “My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak.” (2 Corinth. 12:7-9). Many other saints also had physical ailments about which they wrote, but I have never read anyone mentioning about a headache or migraine. 

These people consistently fought evil and negative thoughts. They never fell in despair and with prayer and fasting resisted negative thoughts. They only let the shine of Jesus’ light to enter their hearts. That was good and positive.

Negative, evil and egoistic thoughts are “overactivity” in your brain. They activate certain pain-sensitive nerves. But if you shut your door against these thoughts and only let thoughts about peace, love and hope enter your memory, what will happen then?

I am not a doctor, but since I took my Christian faith and hope in Jesus more seriously, since I started to resisted tempting and negative thoughts, since I only want to occupy my memory with selfless love and thoughts about Jesus, I sincerely have forgotten what is headache.

It seems to me that if you resist evil, egocentric and negative thoughts and focus on hope and love that Jesus brought, your lives will also be filled with blessing, peace and love, just like the lives of all the holy men and women.

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