How To Understand Having The Fear of The Lord

The wisdom comes from the Lord. He is the one, who gives people true wisdom. No matter how many books you read or how many universities you graduate from if your wisdom is not given from the Lord then you will just have education without wisdom. You will make wrong decisions for your life.

The Fear of God

How To Receive Wisdom From The Lord

Look for it as for silver. The second chapter of the book of Proverb calls us to call out for insight, cry aloud for understanding and look for it as for silver.

Change Your View on Wisdom

Wisdom is not something that is easily received. Wisdom is a hidden treasure. You have to search for it.

What Do You Find

As a result of your search for this hidden treasure, you find and understand what is called “the fear of the Lord” (not to be confused with the “fear of the future“). Understanding the fear of God leads you to “the knowledge of God.”

What Does It Do To You

The Scripture says, once you have the fear of God and the knowledge of God you will “understand what is right and just and fair.” This is only after you have the fear of God wisdom enters your heart and God’s knowledge becomes pleasant to your soul. You strive to live a righteous life. The success is stored for the upright. God’s shield is for those whose walk is blameless. God “guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones.”

Reference: Proverbs 2:1-10

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Armen Hareyan

Armen Hareyan

I am a Subdeacon of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Love the Lord and love people. In this website I write daily inspirational messages about Christian Spiritual Life to help people to grow in faith.

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