Why You Should Be Careful of Your Intellect and Thoughts

Be careful of your intellect. It’s a tool, which sometimes makes wrong assumptions. When you tell yourself three times that apple is better than the rest of the fruits, then all of the sudden apple is better and everything else is worse than apple.  Jesus blessed “the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matt. 5:3. Be careful of your thoughts because they are based on limited data.

Intellect and Thrust in God

Live by faith. Put your hope on God and submit your intellect entirely to Him. Then, your intellect will be strengthened by God. Here is what St. Isaiah The Solitary writes On Guarding The Intellect.

If God sees that the intellect has entirely submitted to Him and puts its hope in Him alone. He strengthens it, saying: ‘Have no fear Jacob my son, my little Israel’ (Isa. 41:14. LXX), and: ‘Have no fear: for I have delivered you, I have called you by My name; you are Mine. If you pass through water, I shall be with you, and the rivers will not drown you. If you go through fire, you will not be burnt, and the names will not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, who saves you’ (cf. Isa. 43:1-3. LXX).

When the intellect hears these words of reassurance, it says boldly to its enemies: ‘Who would fight with me? Let him stand against me. And who would accuse me? Let him draw near to me. Behold, the Lord is my helper; who will harm me? Behold, all of you are like an old moth-eaten garment’ (cf. Isa. 50:8-9. LXX).

Put your thrust complexly in God and live by faith.

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Armen Hareyan

Armen Hareyan

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