The Most Important Thing Jesus Revealed Us About God

God is Love

Jesus came and said God is love. The humanity did not know that God is love. Instead they thought God is fair and just. Fair is good, but my computer is fair too. It does everything right. Thus, God must have been more than that. And our Lord came and revealed that God is Love. What a wonderful revelation for us. What would we do if He was only fair. Who would survive? How good it is that God is Love.


Heavenly Father, how good it is that you are Love. How good it is that the law of living is love. Indeed, there is no truth where there is not love. Help me to love you more and help me to love my neighbor like myself.

the more you give, the more we can spread the Word of God.
Armen Hareyan

Armen Hareyan

I am a Subdeacon of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Love the Lord and love people. In this website I write daily inspirational messages about Christian Spiritual Life to help people to grow in faith.

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  1. February 13, 2016

    […] victims any longer, but “more than conquerors through him who us.” (Rom. 8:37) And now nothing can separate us from Him if you truly Love him and strive to live by his […]

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