One Common Mistake Most Parents Make and Should Avoid When Raising Children

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What to do with our children and how to raise them well. This is a constant question we hear many parents asking when complaining about the behavior of their children. When will we ask, what to do with ourselves? There are common mistakes most parents make and should avoid when raising their children, but this one is overarching.

Are we so good and we don’t know what to do with our children?

Remember. Apple doesn’t fall away from an apple tree, and the one who doesn’t know how to play a violin won’t be able to teach another person how to play a violin. We should remember, that what helps to raise and educate a child, is the atmosphere in which the child grows not our parental instructions.

The following is a general paraphrasing from a segment of a lecture by a well known Russian Orthodox theologian and widely popular Christian pedagogue, professor and lecturer from Moscow Orthodox Theological Seminary Alexei Osipov, which he spoke in the city of Zhukovsky in 2006.

We permit ourselves too much, and too many inappropriate things in front of our children. We invite friends for dinner and speak badly behind their back after our guests leave. We gossip in front of our children. We wrongly assume kids are still small and don’t understand that these things are bad and we shouldn’t do them. But then the next day, we proudly tell our friends how smart our kids are. Wait a minute. Are they still silly or or already smart?

When we want they are smart, but when we don’t want to accept it, they are not.

Family Atmosphere Decides Children’s Decision-Making

The most important condition for successful upbringing of our children is primarily the family atmosphere in which they grow. If you want your child to grow as a decent person, you should give him the example of decency. You, as a parent, should yourself set that example for your children.

When they see how we praise those whom we need, and how we call bad names after those whom we just called friends at the dinner table, what are they supposed to conclude? When they see how we lie and deceive others for personal gains, all these things make our children to grow in a dirty atmosphere.

But if you ask parents? They call themselves good people. “We don’t lie, we don’t betray one another, everything is OK at work. We do honest jobs,” they say. Yet, why do our children grow with bad behavior? Where is this coming from?

Tell these people that there are problems in their behavior, and they will probably tear you to pieces.

Here Is How “Good” We Are

We come home and turn on TV and God knows what is being shown. “Don’t watch it. Go to your room. This program is not for kids,” we tell our children. And poor children are wondering, how come this program is good for you parents and not for me? You see the double standard here? How come Rated R programs are are bad for children, but good for you? Why are Rated-R programs good for parents?

We tell our children not to use bad words and we slap on their faces and swear in the house in their presence.

We watch on TV God knows what, and hope that our children remain clean in heart. Is this possible? How many times we have heard parents and guardians doing things in front of children about which I am even ashamed to talk about here, but they think their small children don’t understand. We, ourselves, are busy with who knows what, and hope that our children grow clean in heart. This is impossible fellow parents, just impossible.

Is it that difficult to understand that it’s impossible for a rude parent to raise a good child with no problems. It’s not difficult to understand this with our minds, but very difficult to understand this with our will power.

First Starting Point

The first starting point is to begin to educate and change your own behavior. But the challenge here for you is to refrain from bad behavior and bad habits.

A parent may say, I can’t refrain from not eating too much on the table. I can’t refrain from not drinking too much alcohol, I can’t refrain from bad table habits. I can’t refrain from using bad words. I can’t refrain from watching programs on TV that I don’t want my children to watch.

We want to have all of these things and in the same time want our children to be like angels. How is this possible?

Children take the general spirit that reigns in the house. What are they supposed to learn from this life when they see that parents say one thing, but act differently?

Therefore, dear parents, you should not be surprised, when your children go to school or play with friends on the street (where the atmosphere may be even worse) and all of these undesirable behavioral tendencies triple and quadruple. It all starts from the family. From you, parents.

“A family must be a type of a fortress against those bad influences, which our children, unfortunately, can’t avoid experiencing in schools and on the streets as they grow up,” says professor Osipov.

Show Your Children Christian Example of Honesty and Love

As parents we are charged to prepare our children against outside negative influences, with personal good examples. Moreover, if you are a Christian parent, you are charged to show your children a good personal Christian example.

Give and show your children good examples of selfless love, honesty, forgiveness and kindness not only when you meet people face to face, but also in general. Your child will see it and take it from you. Only then your child will understand what is real honesty, what is being a caring and good individual and what is decency.

One fellow in Scotland complained about teen behavior in his country, tells Osipov. When he asked him how is the TV in your country he replied its garbage. They show nothing good. When asked, then why don’t you throw it away and enjoy a life without TV? He replied oh, no, I can’t live my life without TV.

Will You Give Up Something As a Parent for Your Child?

In other words, I want my child to be good, but I will not give up anything from myself, to set a good example for my child. I cannot make these types of sacrifices even if they are for the sake of my children. I already make a good sacrifice by providing for their lives, providing a house and feeding them daily. But don’t most people do the same for their pets and farmers for their animals?

We need to make real sacrifices from our bad habits and behavior for the sake of our children. This is primarily good for us as improving our behavior will first of all change our own lives and the lives of people around us. And I am not talking about financial or material sacrifices. These are probably the easiest sacrifices we can make. The difficult part is to make sacrifices that can change our own selves. As a result our children will see that when something is good, it is good for everyone, for all the time. What is not good, is not good for anyone, anytime. No double standards for any group, even if there is a big age divide.

For Christian and not Christian Parents
You can start changing things by taking small and real steps. Find time to pray together with your children daily. “Even if you are not a Christian or a religious person, family prayer daily has an enormous benefit. That benefit is the time when your family pauses for few moments from the hectic pace of the day and has few relaxing moments with each other,” says professor Osipov.

You have probably heard the saying that a family which prays together stays together. This is so true. Prayer helps family members to pause for a moment and understand who they are and who they should be. Prayer is a type of a self analysis. In prayer we know what the real ideal for a human being is and we know who and where we are in reality. Family prayer will help to view yourself in an objective way.

See Your Own Mistakes and Take Practical Steps

You do need to see that you are not healthy because of your bad examples to your children. You do need to see it so you can turn to God and say Lord have mercy. Even if you are not a Christian or religious, please, at least read a good book together with your children. Read some good stories out loud for your family members and talk about them. Stop from this world and turn off the TV, computers and smartphones and have some few precious moments for yourself, for your common values – values, to which you all will follow and set right examples for your children.

In the evening, as the busy day comes to its conclusion, family gathers together. All electronic devices are turned off. And you pray together and you teach your children to that self analysis. This is your time. You need these relaxing moments. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes. This strengthens your family, makes the family bond stronger. This has proven to make a big difference in the lives of many families and their children.

Set good examples for your children while you can. When they grow, others in schools and colleges will set examples for them. And many of them will be examples you don’t want your child to follow.

Take good care of your children.

the more you give, the more we can spread the Word of God.
Armen Hareyan

Armen Hareyan

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