Why does God allow us to make bad choices and when will affliction end

elder paisio on affliction

Some things happen because God wills them. Other things happen because God allows them to happen (for example bad choices we make). The question is, why does God allow us to make bad choices. It’s because of his Love and Freedom that he has given us. So that even in those difficult situations we can learn that there is no joy or happiness in life – away from God’s will.

In every situation we have something to learn that will help us to grow. Therefore, our attitude toward these difficulties is crucial for our growth toward Jesus. Here what Eleder Paisios says about life’s difficulties and our attitude.

Elder Paisios says,

Sometimes God allows for a relative or a fellow worker to cause us problems in order to exercise our patience and humbleness; however, instead of being grateful for the chance God gives us, we react and refuse to be cured.  It is like refusing to pay the doctor who is giving us a shot when we are ill.

God is always working to help us to grow in virtues, in love, so we can attain more gifts from the Holy Spirit. This world doesn’t accept affliction, but in order for affliction to end, we need to have a different approach to it. Here is another quote from Elder Paisios on this topic as to when affliction will end.

The Elder says,

God does not want us, His children, to be pestered.  He gives us temptations and hardships, in order to become perfect.  Temptations will cease to exist in our life, when we reach the level of perfection.

Christians ought to love afflictions and not try to get rid of them; afflictions are necessary means leading to our perfection.

Source: Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain, p. 85.

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